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What makes a website outstanding?

A modern website should be like a well-designed interior. Beautiful, stylish, intuitive and very comfortable to use. While working on creating a website, I discuss with my client his vision and the needs and expectations of his customers. Discover the possibilities of your new site.


Basic functionalities

wordpress system

Website based on the wordpress system is the best solution for content management. Intuitive and solid.

social media

Integration with the most popular social networks is necessary to promote your content. Buttons and galleries should be stylishly integrated into the look of the page and encourage the recipients to visit your profiles.


I create websites that give a lot of configuration options for search engines. This allows you to constantly improve the visibility of your site on google or duck duck go.

google analytics

Integration with google analytics allows you to track your website’s statistics: number of visits, user behavior and conversion.

domain and hosting

I help my clients in choosing the best web hosting and domain.

ssl certificates

Ensure the confidentiality of data transfer by the user. A green padlock in the browser.

antivirus and anti-spam protection

Securing your website against malware and spam.


responsive page

Your clients will be using various devices, including mobile devices. The responsive website adapts to the screen and system, which makes it easier for visitors to use it and ensures a consistent style.

custom portfolio

Present your portfolio in a diverse and engaging way.

dynamic sliders

Responsive and visually appealing sliders encourage customers to get to know your products and services.

graphic and functional elements

Icons, buttons, price lists and tables will diversify your website and make it easier for customers to find the information they are interested in.

extensive menu

The multi-level menu makes it easier to find products and allows you to create many different categories. You can enrich its look with graphics.


Choosing the right font is very important for the appearance of the website and can highlight your content. A variety of fonts gives you creative freedom.

multilingual sites

If your services or brand are dedicated to clients from different countries, you should think about website available in a foreign languages. At the client’s request, i create multilingual websites.

Contact with the customer

contact form

It makes it easier for customers to contact you directly from the page.

interactive map of your headquarters

Let your customers find you. Necessary functionality for local / stationary businesses.


Friendly, beautifully designed and engaging newsletters, sent to those who are intrested, are an excellent form of contact with potential (or existing) customers and the opportunity to encourage them to buy or use your services.

Online shops


The most popular, friendly sales management system. Intuitive – it’s easy to add and edit products, manage inventory and sales.

integration - transport and payments

– integration of online store with postal and courier services.
– integration of the store with quick payment systems and card payments in various currencies.


Involving customers for shopping, thanks to the possibility of purchasing products presented on instagram.

customer friendly store

Customer reviews, promotional coupons, affiliate programs